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                         ​​​​​​​The Story Behind Love Letters

Although Summer has been singing for audiences since the age of 8, it was at the age of 34 that she took a leap of faith and decided to pursue ministry full-time. She had a successful career in the federal government for 17 years, but Summer believes in divine purpose and guidance, and when she knew that God was leading her to use her gifts to uplift and inspire people full-time, she obeyed.  Summer courageously began speaking to different audiences about the Lord and our destinies in Him, acting in inspirational stage plays, performing, writing and singing songs of hope, working tirelessly to equip our next generation for greatness, and dedicating more time to her two sons.

However, Summer experienced one of the hardest seasons of her life when she accepted the call to ministry.  She had endured a very difficult marriage with the father of her sons, and shortly after going into full-time ministry, her marriage further unraveled, which led to divorce.  During the divorce process, Summer lost many material things (including the family home) and had to fight to stay positive and strong for her sons.  It was during this challenging time that Summer penned most of the songs on the “Love Letters” album. 

The song “You Are Good” reminds audiences that “no matter what comes or goes…you [God] are good.”  The lead single “Promised (Never Alone)” celebrates the protection we have in turbulent times – “I am never alone.  You love me as your own.  You are more than enough. I live for your love.  And you promised, promised never to leave me.  You promised never to leave me alone.”  Fan favorite “Release” reveals a poignant display of forgiveness after loss and hurt – “I release you completely.  Holding on was killing me.  Better to rise than to die in my misery.  I’m choosing forgiveness, the ultimate freedom.  The chains of hate are broken.  I refuse to drink the poison.  I release.”

Summer teamed up with producer VRich of Rich Life Records, and a masterpiece that is personal and transformative ensued.  “Love Letters” released in the Billboard Top 50 for gospel sales, catapulted Summer’s career as an independent artist and continues to entertain, encourage and equip many people to face their own challenges with dignity and hope.

Summer Love Letters

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"Summer forges a compelling vector through the possibilities of Christian music - 'Promised' is a rare admixture of gorgeous vocality and twinkling instrumental grace."  

The Akademia