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Summer is an award winning independent artist from Maryland who has the unique ability to connect with diverse audiences, and bring hope and joy everywhere she goes. Summer’s debut project “Love Letters” is a fresh and intimate recording of her journey through intense personal hardship while clinging to the true love of her life – God.   The album debuted in the Top 50 of the Billboard Gospel Charts. The debut single “Promised (Never Alone)" has penetrated terrestrial and online radio across the U.S., Canada, and England, and its music video has been featured on Aspire TV and Badami TV. 

Summer has been blessed to be the featured artist for the annual Caring Awards for several years in honor of benevolent officials, celebrities, and rising stars, such as Retired Four Star General Colin Powell, Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo, and Emmy Award Winning Actress Jane Seymour. She was selected to close out the “Thanks Obama” event on President Obama’s last night in office with powerful renditions of the national anthem and “God Bless America.” Summer has released several recording projects with other artists, including the Stellar Award nominated gospel group - Charles Butler and Trinity, the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) Exalting Him Finalists (with the trio “Power”), and Emory University's Gospel Choir to name a few.  Summer has sung background vocals, and/or opened up for numerous accomplished artists, including Pastor Hezekiah Walker, Tasha Page Lockhart, Tamela Mann, and the Sons of Serendip (finalists from America's Got Talent). 

Although Summer has been singing for audiences since the age of 8, it was at the age of 34 that she took a leap of faith and decided to pursue ministry full-time.  She had a successful career in the federal government for 17 years.  Leaving a successful career at a mature age was frightening, but Summer believes in divine purpose and guidance, and when she knew that God was leading her to use her gifts to uplift and inspire people full-time, she obeyed.  Summer courageously shifted her efforts completely into ministry - speaking to different audiences about the Lord and our destinies in Him, acting in inspirational stageplays, writing and singing songs of hope, working tirelessly to equip our next generation for greatness, and dedicating more time to her two sons.

Summer experienced one of the hardest seasons of her life when she accepted the call to ministry.  She had endured a very difficult marriage with the father of her sons, and shortly after going into ministry, her marriage further unraveled, which led to divorce.  During the divorce process, Summer lost many material things (including the family home), and had to fight to stay positive and strong for her sons.  With the support of loved ones and a deeply-rooted faith, Summer not only made it through that storm, but she thrived each step of the way.  She knows that her life is a miracle!  God is restoring and multiplying everything that was lost, and she and her sons now walk in peace and freedom. Summer believes that the Lord has given her beauty for ashes, and as she shares her testimony and the songs birthed from her journey, many people are being encouraged and better equipped to face their own challenges with dignity and hope.

Since 2013, Summer has worked as a worship leader at  three local churches.  She now serves as Worship Director of the praise and worship ministry at LongView Bible Church in Owings Mills, Maryland, where she enjoys supporting people of all ages in their faith journeys and artistic goals.  For over two years she produced and hosted “SummerTime,” a one hour talk radio show on BRITEradio.com, which gave her a platform to inspire and encourage people across the globe, and highlight outstanding ministries from everyday people. Summer recently began hosting two TV Shows sponsored by Positive Power XXI -  "Gospel Music Magazine" and "MVP with Sky," which air digitally and on cable networks across the US.  Both shows celebrate the music of  independent gospel artists.




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